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Solutions that work

Making pensions available to everyone!

Professional development
With us you get the space, and the potential, to grow.
Stronger together
Together, with passion, commitment and integrity, we're creating the digital future of the occupational pension.
Self-management and self-development
The main person responsible for your development is you. And in that you have our full trust and confidence.

Openness and transparency

We work together in an open and transparent manner. It's how we get better at what we do.


We work together towards a common goal and every day we learn something new from one another.

Freedom to create

We embrace the new, the bold and the experimental. Everyone and anyone can contribute.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Innovation means taking risks. Be bold and try something new.

We are xbAV

"I really appreciate the fact that we are trusted to manage our workload and given responsibility for the results."

Daniel Benner
Product manager, Munich

We are xbAV

"We learn from one another every day and share our ideas."

Danny Roy
Scrum master, Munich

We are xbAV

"Teamwork, appreciation and acknowledgement – these are just some of the things that make me look forward to work every day."

Hosnia Najem
Software developer, Munich

We are xbAV

"xbAV takes you on a journey of knowledge and experience. A journey towards maximum effectiveness and workplace pensions for everyone."

Rudi Zeilhofer
Organisation developer, Munich

We are xbAV

"I love working with colleagues who always give their best, share a common goal and know how to have fun."

Tom Kingdom
UX designer, Munich

We are xbAV

"The digitalisation of an under-exploited sector is full of challenges. Working here is always interesting."

Simon Schoar
Product owner for bAV-Manager, Munich

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Making pensions available to everyone. Interested in joining us?

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